Australia has around 542,054 international students as of April 2018. Australian Universities are ranked highly amongst international schools around the world. Students are enticed by the diversity of culture, affordable tuition, excellent weather and work rights for student visa holders. Australia Visa is a dream for a lot of Filipinos as well.

In some instances, studying in Australia can be an effective pathway towards gaining permanent residency and citizenship in Australia. For example, graduates may apply as skilled migrants or obtain sponsorship from an employer to work in an occupation listed as an occupation in demand.

If you want to study in Australia, Philoz Visa Consultancy Inc will help you achieve your goals. Here are some of the reasons why a student visa is advantageous:

1. The processing time is usually only 2-3 months
2. You can bring your partner, spouse or family to Australia
3. You can work while studying
4. Your de facto partner or spouse can work as well
5. You earn an international degree
6. It can be a pathway for permanent residency

As your adviser, we will endeavor to advise you the right course suited to your individual needs and the appropriate universities and other educational institutions and costs required for the duration of your studies.

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